About ACTS

Many people in our area are within one paycheck or less of financial trouble. Many need food, clothing, warmth, prescription medicine, home furnishings, or additional assistance. Reaching out in Christ's name to those among us who need a helping hand is ACTS mission.

Since our founding, we have provided:

  • Food for more than 2,897,412 million meals
  • Clothing for more than 74,094 individuals
  • Utility assistance for more than 16,270 homes
  • House wares for more than 6,640 families
  • Furniture for more than 3,434 homes


ACTS Member Churches

Board of Directors: 2017

Jim Lee
Dee Taylor
Carolyn Beeler
James Young
Judy Bilyeu

Tom Hallman
Larry McHale
Bill Poulson
Eric Muhlbaier
Jane Keisler

Tim Bolen
Matt Steelman
Paula Reynolds
Midge Rothrock
Christopher Crotwell