Car Ministry

ACTS (Area Churches Together Serving) of Aiken is starting a new ministry to provide vehicles for employed individuals who are struggling financially and need an automobile or truck to get to work. Due to the widespread geography of Aiken and the lack of public transportation, vehicles are a critical need for those who can get employment but have no way of getting to work.

Jay Creamer volunteers for ACTS and has been an active leader in establishing the Cars Ministry.


ACTS is in need of reasonably reliable vehicles that would otherwise be traded-in to the dealer or sold to a third party. Donating a vehicle to this ministry will not only be spiritually rewarding, but will be less stressful and may even be financially attractive compared with other available options.

ACTS will in turn donate the cars/trucks to prequalified individuals who are screened according to the following criteria;

  • Must be employed.
  • Demonstrate the ability to pay current expenses plus the additional expenses of owning a vehicle.
  • Pay $25/month to the ACTS vehicle maintenance program
  • Proof of insurance coverage.
  • Attend financial counseling program at Security Federal Bank (SFB). Must have initial session with counselor prior to receipt of vehicle and grant ACTS permission to discuss information with SFB.
  • Immediately inform ACTS of any change in employment status.
  • Understand there is a 24 month lien on the vehicle and that it cannot be sold/traded without ACTS approval.

ACTS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so all donated vehicles are tax deductible. Since ACTS founding, the organization has been serving the community by providing the following:

  • More than 2,897,412 meals
  • Clothing for more than 74,094 individuals  
  • Utility assistance for more than 16,270 homes
  • House wares for more than 6,640 families
  • Furniture for more than 3,434 homes

Many people in our area are within one paycheck or less of financial trouble.  Many need food, clothing, warmth, prescription medicine, home furnishings, or additional assistance, such as reliable transportation. Reaching out in Christ's name to those among us who need a helping hand is part of ACTS mission.

If you have a vehicle to donate, are interested in learning more about the donation process or think you may have a passion for serving people through this ministry, please contact either Jay at 803-642-0348, or the ACTS Cars Ministry Representative, Nat Gifford at 203-449-4005.